Agriculture & Gardens

Ste. Anne’s Spa and Ste. Anne’s Farm have adopted many green practices over the years, reflecting owner Jim Corcoran’s firm belief that “humans should strive to give back what they take from the environment, and in doing so should improve the quality of the world we live in.” Everything from our breathtaking gardens to our green lawns are herbicide-free.

“I have chosen this beautiful garden where I will send many people to be healed.”

– prophecy given to Ste. Anne’s Spa by Jay Rawlings

Our Gardens

Our property contains sprawling gardens of many different varieties. They provide places for Ste. Anne’s Spa guests to wander, relax and enjoy nature. They grow homegrown organic food for Ste. Anne’s Chefs to harvest at the peak of freshness. They feed the Ste. Anne’s Skin Nourishment line made of natural, botanical ingredients.

All of our water is recycled through the natural reedbed septic system. The water trickles through the reedbeds and is quickly cleaned or filtered by the extensive root system.


Enlightenment has always been a source of inspiration for Ste. Anne’s Spa. It’s based on health and wellness, and being able to highlight these local ingredients we have access to in the best possible. Ste. Anne’s Chefs have a symbiotic relationship with our kitchen gardens, and harvest ingredients themselves when needed. Due to the use of the freshest seasonal ingredients, spa guests are always being offered new specials with local flavours.

Farm Table

“Running a sustainable farm has the added benefits of huge cost savings, reduced labour and delivering a superior end product. “

- Jake, Property Director

Regenerative Agriculture

We practice rotational grazing, always moving the animals so they are always eating on fresh ground, giving the ground more time to grow back and re-establish its nutrient content.


Planting trees for our future is of high importance for us. In the spring of 2019 our team planted 1,000 trees of various species on our property along Academy Hill Road, Grafton.


We practice composting at our farm, as well as green fertilizer. We plant cover crops and let it rot back into the soil after it has matured to benefit the soil.

Agriculture Agriculture

Inside Ste. Anne’s

We love seeing our beautiful property through th eyes of our guests. Tag #steannesspa for a chance to be featured on our instagram.

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