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Olive oil, an ancestral beauty ritual for the comfort of dry skin. Well known since antiquity for its moisturizing, regenerating and soothing properties, its multiple benefits fit perfectly dry skin needs. Its anti-ageing activity on skin is due to antioxidant properties. Real luxury alchemy, it slows down skin ageing thanks to its vitamin E and its anti free-radical action. Olive oil also cures acne and eczema disorders by nourishing and toning skin in depth. Olive oil also rejuvenates and nourishes dry and damaged hair.

In your dryer & wardrobe. Wet a cotton rag with linen water and place it in your dryer. this will lightly scent your clothes.

While ironing - spray onto clothes or use directly in the iron. Dilute 1/2 measure of linen water with 1/2 measure of regular water - then pour the mix in your steam iron. spray onto linens and clothes before ironing. Linen water will not stain and will leave a gentle - light - and fresh scent.

The Freshest Sheets p.92 Panier des Sens Linen Water "Our Staff tested a dozen brands, and the winner was Panier des Sens' lavender, which leaves a dried-in-the-Provencal-breeze aroma."

Sweet Dreams, p341 Sprinkle a few drops of this delicate scent to freshen up already laundered bedding, towels - even clothes.

NO ANIMAL TESTING STATEMENT: Pannier des Sens uses the finest ingredients known to them for all their products. They have never tested their products on animals. All product safety tests that they conduct are done in laboratory environments to ensure maximum safety.

INGREDIENTS: "Ingredients are the single most important component of our products. Ingredients are not chosen on their esthetic merit - only ingredients that are truly beneficial to the skin are selected. Minimal preservatives are used in their formulations. Their intent is to utilize only the gentlest and most efficacious ingredients and that is why a great number of natural ingredients are used. Products are always formulated with sensitive skin in mind. They encourage you to read their product labels. The more you know about ingredients the better you will appreciate Panier des Sens products. We refrain from hyperbole and make no false claims. On the contrary, we strive to uphold the standards of honesty, fairness, and integrity that have come to characterize Panier des Sens and to gain the confidence of their friends around the world. They have gained their position based on their reputation and on recommendation and they prefer to reach you through the quality of their formulations. Their products are based on essential oils and natural ingredients. No cosmetic product can be "all" natural, it would need a preservative system at the very least to discourage the growth of bacteria and to ensure a long shelf life. They take their ingredients from nature whenever they can. If it dies not exist in nature or if the laboratory can do it better, then they will use a synthetic ingredient."

Sweet Dreams

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